Zanzebern Blimey Charlie
 16th June 2008 - 31st January 2016

Health Information

Von Willebrands Disease: CLEAR
Degenerative Myelopathy: CLEAR

Mason was our introduction to Bernese Mountain Dogs and wow what an introduction. Mason is our big, friendly gentle giant. He is extremely loyal and has the calmest nature. He is the son of Mojo - Australian, American and Canadian Champion Ebnet's Mojo (Imp USA). Mojo basically is put together perfectly, he has gorgeous neck and shoulders and beautiful rear angulation. He has a lovely head piece and very correct Bernese expression.  His temperament is really lovely ..he is quite soft and loves cuddles and is a dog without being too full of testosterone.  He is a gentle boy and always willing to please. Mason has an identical temperament! 

Mason was slow to fully mature and is quite a large boy.  He was neutered in 2011 but still struts his stuff at the odd dog show in the Neuter Class. He loves to be out and about and get as much attention as he can!. 

Mason easily passed his Delta Therapy Dog assessment and regularly visits a local nursing home along with Kyra (although Mason does enjoy it more than Kyra). He is a real hit with all the residents and is perfect bed height for anyone who would like a pat. Mason also spent a day with me at work (I am also a primary school teacher) for our book parade. He went dressed as Bullseye from Toy Story and was a hit with both the children, parents and staff. He found a comfortable spot near the students desks and slept the day away!

Mason - 2013