So you are waiting patiently for a puppy and want to know how the process works?
Across a litter of puppies there will usually be a range of different markings. Personalities are not always standard either. Here at Kyseair we try very hard to match up our puppies with the right homes and meet our prospective owners expectations. We also where ever possible give a choice to our owners but this may not always be the case due to limited numbers in litters and trying to match out temperaments to appropriate homes.

Choice is not offered on a first in first serve basis as we have many things to consider when placing our puppies.

I'll try to explain how the process has worked the best for us.

When we talk about the quality of puppies they are often referred to as pet quality or show quality. This is really a bit of a misnomer because the only things that disqualify a Bernese from being shown at exhibitions are "ground colour other than black" (not to be confused with a brownish or grayish puppy coat) and blue eyes. So when I am selecting for show quality I am really getting down to the finer details of the dogs conformation including structure, bone size, head shape and finally markings. I must stress, you don't need to buy a show quality puppy to get a high quality puppy.

Many well marked well put together puppies leave KYSEAIR for pet homes, but for us the most important thing is trying to match personalities with homes...this cannot occur or be confirmed until around 6 weeks of age so some patience is a criteria required of anxious puppy buyers. When you look at markings there is a range possible and this is often where puppy buyers concentrate their requests. If you have a specific request for markings you must be prepared to wait for the right puppy which might mean waiting for a litter down the track and not the next puppy available.

We also recommend that you discuss with us the differences that we often discover between male and female Bernese so that you can make an informed decision about which sex you would like.

I am always undertaking a breeding to continue to maintain and improve the quality of the KYSEAIR Bernese Mountain Dogs. In this regard I am usually seeking a particular puppy to retain for my own breeding / showing program. Selection for my own puppy and sometimes puppies for other breeders can never take place before 6 weeks of age. It is also at this time that the personalities of the puppies are becoming obvious and it is at this time that I begin to ear mark puppies for specific homes and about the only time I can fully guarantee that there is a puppy available to a home.

Sometimes I will ask puppy buyers to consider allowing their pet to remain in the KYSEAIR breeding program. This may be because the puppy is displaying characteristics that we wish to retain in our kennel, or in case the puppy we raise ourselves does not meet our expectations. We do not always take up the option but these arrangements have in the past worked very well for us and the owners.

We also ask that our owners x-ray and have their dogs evaluated for hip and elbow dysplasia between 12 - 18 months of age. Not only is this beneficial information for our breeding program but it is also valuable information for the owners to clarify the status of their dogs joints. We also require that male and female pet Bernese are de-sexed at an appropriate age.

Lastly, breeding dogs is not an action that should be considered lightly, there are many issues in breeding any dogs and particularly Bernese Mountain Dogs.